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Quick question. I'm looking at the cap sheet, and a lot of people have three or more players who are signed for 4 years. Assuming we can't sign players to extensions, and you can only resign two restricted free-agents, won't that mean that 4 years from now, there will be a lot of elite players hitting free-agency? For example, if I'm interpreting it right, I would only be allowed to sign two of LaMarcus Aldridge, Danilo Galinari, and Rajon Rondo. Apollo would only be allowed to sign two of Dion Waiters, Anthony Davis, and Marc Gasol. Drizz would only be allowed to keep two of Brandon Jennings, Paul Millsap, DeMarcus Cousins, and Al Horford. The same thing would happen to SKYWALKERS and The Coach in year three, rather than year four. Shouldn't you be allowed to retain your best players, rather than being forced to let one, or in some cases two, of them go?
A dynasty league should be a strategy game. The limits to the cap and the restrictions to resignings are meant to force managers to make choices. Apollo decided on these particular rules and there has been quite some discussion about it in the thread(s) before the season started. I, in particular, have held some discussions about the number of contract years allowed (before I joined as assistant commisioner to support Joey and Apollo).

These particular rules cannot be changed because they are too much at the heart of the league (in my opinion). People have based their initial strategy on those rules.

Four, or five at the start of this finished season, is a very long time. If those players all are still very productive, those managers will probably try to trade those players for players with different contracts (at least that's what they should do). There are lots of years left to try to get a good deal. In this aspect it is no different than when teams in the nba can, for one reason or another, not re-sign a player > see Harden, Williams, Howard or ... Bosh.

If you want to make sure you can keep your good players you have plan ahead, the cap is just low enough that you have to make some choices here and/or have to be active in trades and high enough to be able to keep a lot of your core for a very long time.