Toronto sends Jose Calderon, Kleiza, Bargs
Denver sends Chandler, Lawson, Mozgov

Salary matches but don't know if the Nuggets want to pull this trigger.

Raps Lineups

Nuggets Lineups

Why Toronto: We get an uprising star in Lawson, both he and Lowry will compete for the starting PG position but my bet will be Lawson, there will be nights where we will go small with Lawson, Lowry, DeRozan, Chandler and Val. Chandler has been our target two years ago and he will reunite with his ex-teammate in Fields. Our back courts are set, this summer we can go after some big FAs to boost our front court when Amir and Gray's contract expires, possibly Josh Smith, Al Jefferson, or go big on DeMarcus cousins and Greg Monroe, personally i like the latter so we can shift Val to the PF position. I think Val is more suited at the PF than C.

Why Denver: Denver gets Bargs who will compliment on Galinari, although Bargs can come off the bench as a 6th man for Farried as well. Calderon compete with Andre Miller for the starting PG position. Kleiza is coming back to where he started and he will be a decent backup behind Galinari. Denver will miss Lawson but they will have some cap this summer for signing a star-caliber PG.