It's all so comical...

Sherman Hamilton actually said "Ed Davis missed his rookie training camp 3 years ago and is still set back by it..."
WTF - I actually laughed out loud
Translation: Please be patient with Ed (and Colangelo) and try to make like this is is sophomore season.

I watched the game when I got home and when the Raptors fell behind early (20-10)... I could almost hear the panick in the voices of Matt and Sherman.
Matt "...This real Madrid team has already got one exhibition game under its belt so they have a big advantage coming in tonight..."
Sherm "... ya they fly out after this game and immediately start their season so the Raptors are in tough.."
Translation: Holy crap the Raps look bad starting 4-15 from the field - LOL

David Amber (and others) on Landry Fields "...The name I keep hearing is Shane Battier.."
Translation: the guy isn't a top three scorer on the team most nights but he does all the intangibles so don't rail on BC for his big price tag because Miami could not win Championship without Battier.

Kyle Lowry: suddenly at game time is injured for the week
Duane Casey "... he will be fine if it was a playoff game we would let him play.."
Translation: He is totally fine, they had no intention of playing him, They wanted to evaluate JL3 and let jose start against Real Madrid (since he is spanish). HOWEVER they still did want to get the extra ticket sales from those idiots (like me) who wanted to see Kyle Lowry 's raptor Debut so they announced it at the last second.

Jonas Injury is not real... at least not real enough to keep him out of the lineup.
Translation: They are holding him back and creating the perception that he is behind on his conditioning and training. The stupid foot cast prop thingy fools only the naive. What they now have is the built in excuse for every missed a shot rebound, assignment or poor boxscore. AND TRUST ME THEY WILL USE IT!

I was a little pissed about not getting to see Kyle but more than anything as these clowns sputter their apologetic BC defending rhetoric its hilarious... like watching WWE commentators.