This is the year for Bargnani to be traded.

From watching the preseason game, I can clearly see that Bargs have improved his defense but his offense has diminished and his stroke is not that smooth compare to his rookie campaign, possibly due to the fact he has gained 15IB of muscle over the summer or just sluggish in the preseason, god forbid he won't become the 2007-08 Bargs where he only scores 15ppg in that season with Bosh and O'neal on board. Give him till Midseason and we will see whether he will improve or not, if he does, that's great, makes the allstar, even better, if not, then Colangelo has to pull the trigger and trade him.

Here is two likely destination for him

TORONTO send Bargs + Calderon + Amir + 2013 2nd rounder
ATLANTA send Josh Smith + Zaza Pachulia
- We get Josh Smith who would compliment on DeRozan, Smith could play the 3 and 4, depends on Ed Davis' development, he would be perfect under Casey's system and become our franchise player when we sign him this offseason, he could potentially attract some FA this summer. Zaza would be a better backup than A.Gray but who knows.
- Bargs is what the Hawks need at the PF spot, they don't have a natural PF, Smith was an undersized 4, more of a power 3, like Jeff Green. Bargs will provide the team with more spacing and some defense for the young Hawks. Calderon will be a great backup behind Teague while Amir, a solid backup behind Horford.

TORONTO send Bargs + Calderon + 2013 2nd rounder
LA LAKERS send Paul Gasol + Steve Blake
- We get Gasol, who I personally think he won't do that well with Nash and Howard on board and his aging fast, his skills will soon diminish after two season or so but by shedding two big contract for one contract sounds pretty good to me. Gasol will provide some key veteran leadership for this team and will provide some key mentorship for the young Valanciunas. S.Blake will be our 3rd string PG.
- Bargs will do well as a Lakers, he will get a chance to play with 3 future hall of famer, basically the Lakers get a younger version of Gasol who can shoot the 3s from outside. Calderon will be able to backup Nash.