Looking up the stats for Wed.'s To./Det. game and I couldnt get past a wall of "buy tickets now" spam at NBA.com, but I did find the box score over at ESPN. http://espn.go.com/nba/boxscore?gameId=400400478

Here's my question. When I look at the individual scores I see that Kleiza had 7 points. He was 3-7 from 2 point range (3x2=6pts) and 1 for 4 from 3 (1x3=3), so by my math, 6pts+3pts=9pts. Am I missing something? Alan Anderson 3-6 and 2-3 for 8pts (12 by 6+6=12) Jose was 6-9 and 3-5 for 15 pts, but 12+6=18 by my count.

I've seen this many times before in box-scores, so now I'm wondering where the error is? Is it my math...the individuals stat, or the pts. totals...Or am I reading something wrong here? Can this stuff be this messed up? Detroit had 41 field goals for 82 pts and 19 free throws which equals 101 pts. Which is correct. Toronto is listed as 35 field goals for 70 pts. 11 3's for 33 pts and 18 made field goals for a grand total of...121 pts by my count. Maybe I'll just count this as a win for us!