To Bulls: Jose Calderon, Amir Johnson, Vince Carter

To Raptors: Carlos Boozer, Rodrique Beanbois

To Mavericks: Marco Jaric, two future 2nd rounders(from Raptors)


BULLS: In terms of talent, they give up the most for a variety of players that may not compare talent wise but a) in Jose they get a solid starting caliber PG and for exactly a year, the time that Rose will be out for. b) Flexibility at the end of season. Carlos Boozer is a good player but I'll be very surprised if they are not looking to get rid of his Contract.

RAPTORS: With Boozer on board, will instantly turn into contenders. Bargnani can be turned into the starting centre for now and when Jonas is ready to start, he(Bargs) can be traded and I think a deal that includes a 1 st rounder is not unreasonable to expect, So in effect they get Boozer, Beanbois and a 1 st rounder for Jose, Andrea,Amir and two 2 nd rounders. There should be other pieces too but the ones mentioned should be the most significant. Since Lucas is proving that he can ably handle the back up PG duties, Beanbois can be the third stringer.

MAVS: May give up a little more talent wise but a) Jaric's acquisition bolsters the PG position and being versatile he can be used as a SG/SF too. b) They'd rather have two future 2 nd rounders than Vince Carter.