2 trades.
1st trade
Washington Receives:
Jose Calderon
Ed Davis
Sacramento 2014 2nd round pick
Toronto Receives:
Jordan Crawford
Trevor Ariza
Zaza Pachulia
Atlanta Receives:
Linas Kleiza
Wizards 2014 2nd round pick

Why Toronto?
We trade Calderon for a young 1-2 guard who can score the ball. You could argue this creates a logjam at the 2 but the wings are very versatile and can play the 2 or 3 at times, and Crawford can also play point. This adds to our depth incase of injury. We drop Ed Davis clearing the logjam at PF. We do take on Arizas big contract but he'll be a decent backup for fields since we trade Kleiza aswell. They also receive a better backup then Gray in Pachulia and could start while Val makes the transition and move Amir back to the PF position.

Why Atlanta?
Pretty simple. They need a 3 of any kind after trading Marvin Williams for Devin Harris. They're extremely thin there and I believe they'd gladly do the trade.

Why Washington?
They shed Arizas 2 yr 15 million dollar contract. Jordan Crawford would be getting a smaller role with Beal now. They don't have a pass first point guard. Jose will backup Wall well and is capable starter until Wall gets back from his injury. They get a backup PF for Nene (or Okafor, whoever starts at 4)

Raptors lineup