Heard a rumor that Calderon will be traded for Duhon + Johnson-Odom.

I personally think this is a bad trade, we should wait until the deadline so that Calderon can be packaged along with one of Amir and Davis for a star-caliber 3 (someone in the mold of Gay, Granger, or Luol Deng).

If we persist on trading Calderon, I say pull this trigger instead.

Toronto send Calderon + Amir + 2012 2nd rounder
LAL send Ron Artest + Johnson Odom + Duhon (waived)

We get a backup PG or a third stringer PG in Odom while Ron Artest can possibly solve our current solution at the 3 spot, he plays tough defense and can score the basket until Landry Fields prove that he can start for this team. Duhon will be waived so he can sign with a contender.