Toronto Sends: Calderon, Bargnani, Davis
Toronto Receives: Deng, Faried, $10M TPE (Denver)

The Raps get their stud SF. Assuming Memphis makes Gay untouchable, the only stud SF that I see on the market potentially is Deng (Iggy just got traded to Denver, JSmoove is more of a 4, Batum just got resigned by Portland). I love Faried's game. He's only 6'7 but is tenacious. Can easily give you a double/double and is only in his second year so his young (22) and in a rookie contract. The $10M TPE could also be used to help land a SG in case DeMar signs an offer sheet with another team in the off season, and Toronto doesn't match.

Chicago Sends: Deng, $3.2M TPE
Chicago Receives: Calderon, Brewer, Davis

The Bulls are nearing luxury tax territory, and even if they considered amnestying Boozer they would have to owe him his salary still (and I doubt Reinsdorf would want to pay a guy to go away). Rose may be out for the year, and they have depth issues (they lost Asik, Brewer, and Korver this year). This trade nets them a starting caliber point guard, a young PF that gives them depth and a wing that Thibs would probably love to have on his team.

Denver Sends: Faried, Brewer, $10M TPE
Denver Receives: Bargnani, $3.2M TPE (Chicago)

Bargnani's market is probably thin in the league. He needs to play with a center who is defensively stellar (ie, has great weak side defense and plays back to the basket)...

I considered only three teams that would work for Bargnani:
- LAL with Howard - however they already have Gasol and no assets to give back in a trade.
- Philly with Bynum, however I don't see any assets that I like plus they are in our division.
- Denver who has both McGee and Iggy (for rebounding/defense). I actually think Denver would be a perfect spot for Andrea. He gets to play with Gallo.. would be a good complement to McGee who is a great weak-side defender. I think Denver would have the perfect blend of offense and defense with Andrea.