Just got back from seeing Argo ... Now for the record, I should state that I've always loved Ben Affleck; have been a fan ever since Chasing Amy. With that said, he NAILED it on this movie. Absolutely, 100% Rocked it.

Never have I seen a movie that combines Comedy and Heart Pounding, Edge of your Seat Suspense so perfectly before. And I've seen ALOT of movies. Haha It really is something else. He should win an Oscar for Best Director. Can promise you he will be Nominated.

The Subject Matter is obviously very serious and intense, but he manages to create a film that really is unique, and unlike anything I've seen before. I highly recommend anyone and everyone (everyone who can get into R rated movies that is. LOTS of F-bombs apparently garnered the R-Rating) GO SEE THIS MOVIE.

As Canadians you owe it to yourselves (Canada gets ALOT love in this film).

Two Thumbs WAY up. 10/10