Raptors receive: Kevin Martin, Donatas Motiejunas, 2013 1st round pick (Kyle Lowry trade)

Rockets receive: Andrea Bargnani

Why not trade Bargs and shed some cap space for the future. I just don't predict that JV and Bargs will truly compliment each other. Bargs needs a big man coach that will teach him post moves better to broaden his game, McHale is the perfect coach for him. We get our pick back from the Kyle trade, maybe a bit of an overkill but I think it adds to how valuable Bargs is. Ed can then be the starter at the 4, and add some healthy competition for him and D-Mo for some PT. Donatas Motiejunas has a similar game like Bargs but hes younger and more active on the boards.
Taking on Kevin Martin's expiring contract eases up more time for Lamb and Delfino, plus he can act as a mentor to our SGs for a season.