Good read courtesy of the "Basketball Outsider Blog" which discusses whether or not Evans is that player that can help take us from "pretenders" to "contenders". I'm really skeptical on what to expect from Reggie, but if he comes back and plays like the effective player he's been over the last number of years than I definitely think he'll help improve this team ten fold.

What do you guys think?

Set to return after the All Star break, when we separate the pretenders from the contenders, Evans is the most crucial piece for the second half of the season. With the likes of Bosh, Bargnani and Turkoglu as weapons on offense, an offense that has scored 100+ points on the last 12 games, the defense event is clearly the area that will define the Raptors’ season. They are 17-0 when hold opponents under 100 points. The return of Evans is expected to bring toughness & rebounding to a team that has been lacking just that.

After all the moves on the offseason, Toronto is finally starting to reach expectations. They are currently 5th on the East and with a winning record. If Evans brings to this team all the things he’s expected to, Toronto becomes a very dangerous team when playoff time comes.
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