Early season, possibly in December

Toronto out: Calderon, Kleiza, Amir
Toronto in: W.Chandler, Ridnour

Denver Out: A.Miller, W.Chandler, C.Andersen
Denver In: Calderon, Kleiza, Cunningham, J.Taylor, Pekovic

Minnesota Out: Ridnour, Cunningham, J.Taylor, Pekovic
Minnesota In: Amir, C.Andersen, A.Miller

Why Toronto: Shedding Calderon + Kleiza contract by getting an expiring in Luke Ridnour. W.Chandler is the SF we are looking at the moment, besides he gets to reunite with his former teammate in L.Fields. Ridnour is a similar like Calderon and could be a decent backup or a 3rd stringer behind Lucas.

Why Denver: Calderon will be a better backup behind Lawson instead of the aging washed up A.Miller. Kleiza returns back to the team that drafted him so he can comes off the bench for either of Galinari or Faried. They also get two prospects in Cunningham and Taylor. Pekovic will be a decent backup C behind McGee. With the lineups they have, they might advance to the semi-final and go 1-1 with one of the Lakers or Thunder for a conference final push when playoff comes around.

Why Minnesota: This may sound crazy but we don't know when Ricky Rubio will return to the lineup so they are real thin at the PG spot, A.Miller is a decent backup behind Jose Barea, or perhaps he can start for the team, now the Wolves are balanced out with veterans and their young guns. Amir will be a decent backup PF or C for the Wolves while C.Andersen add that veteran presence as the 3rd C.

Midseason to Trade Deadline
Toronto out: Andrea, Terrence Ross, 2013 2nd round pick, 2015 1st round pick
Toronto in: Maurice Harkless, Andrew Nicholsson, JJ Reddick, 2013 1st round pick (Top 3 protected)

Orlando out: Hedo Turkolu, Maurice Harkless, Nicholsson, Reddick, 2013 2nd round pick
Orlando in: Greg Oden, Andrea Bargs, 2nd round pick (TOR), Terrence Ross, 2015 1st round pick (Top 3 protected)

Portland out: Greg Oden
Portland in: Hedo Turkolu, Orlando 2nd round pick

Why Toronto: If Bargs can't gel well with Valanciunas, I say Colangelo needs to pull this trigger, we get two budding prospects in Harkless (our future 3) and Nicholsson (Canadian favorite as our future 4). We also acquire a sharpshooter in Reddick who would do wonders for the Raps.

Why Orlando: The Magic are in for a rebuild and they will be looking to get a top pick this coming year but who knows. The Magic have some good solid pieces along with with veterans. First they acquire Bargs, an allstar caliber player, could be the franchise for the team along with rookie Terrence Ross. They also acquire a future first round pick from Toronto, a solid pick in 2015 when that year will be the year of the Center and Power forwards. Greg Oden, a former 1st round pick will get a chance for a fresh new start for the team and possibly a change of scenery will rejuvenate his career.

Why Portland: Getting rid of Oden, they acquire Turkolu, a key veteran who could make the Trailblazer a playoff contender this year, a simple trade really

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