sure it's all fun now to see derozan's improved athleticism/agressiveness from last year, and the rookie (val), and lowry
that novelty will soon wear thin.

but aren't we stuck in mediocrity?

a lot of people have us as the 8th seed if we're lucky (including most on this board), derozan and bargnani both don't play any defense, I don't think it is likely for us to get very good value for the players we want to get rid of (kleiza,calderon,bargnani,derozan,etc.) outside of valanciunas turning into a superstar exactly how are we supposed to get to the next level?

I dunno, maybe I think about it too much, and should get another hobby? what do you guys think.

I know b.c. is great at making something out of nothing but I don't think he has much to work with here to get us an elite player (all his own fault of course)