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Yes, this is entirely true, and was exactly my point. Thanks for backing me up.

He didn't state it as opinion. That's the problem. And he basically noted anyone not on board with his "opinion" is not a realist. When you state an opinion, reasonable people generally accept that there exist other, possibly equally-valid opinions. That's not the case here, which again, was my point. You can argue that opinions without any substantiation as to 'why' that opinion exists are the stock-in-trade of the internet if you want. That doesn't make it 'reasonable discussion'.

BTW, re your quoted text from my reply: the Raptors cap situation IS fact, not opinion. How you 'feel' about the cap situation is your opinion, but they have money to spend and are not strapped by unworkable contracts. It's different from saying, for instance, that if the Raptors aren't making a deep playoff run within two years, Lowry will definitely leave.
but that is just your opinion, like craiger said he believes he is right. Here's an idea why don't you come up with an argument to contradict his opinion instead of overdosing on estrogen pills.