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    Default Landry Fields' shot...

    ...has a serious hitch in its giddy-up

    So a friend called me a few days ago and said "hey Tim (that's me) I got free tickets to the raptors game (against the Bucks) You like basketball right?"

    I said, "No I just eat sleep breathe and shit the stuff".

    He said, " You wanna come with?"

    I said. "Does the Pope shit in the woods?"


    being so close (damn near court side) brought up a big concern for me. Landry Fields has an ugly hitch in his shot just before the point of release. I got the chance to watch this close up and it bothered me. His wrist flicks forward in way that takes the flow from ankle to finger tip and throws a giant log in the middle of the shot. You see this a lot with young players (OBA) etc who are nervous about shooting a free throw. I wish I could dig up a video to prove this but I'm lazy. Anyway, the fact that this has yet to be corrected at the professional level disturbs me a bit. Now I only noticed this with free throws because the whole process is slowed down BUT if that same hitch is anywhere to be found in his regular stroke, I don't think you will see any increase in his FG%.

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