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How will Brooklyn be able to sign any free agents to big money contracts, given that they're well over the cap? Under the new CBA, they won't even be able to S&T for such players. I think Brooklyn is going to underachieve and then be stuck with some bad contracts for older players, at least for a couple seasons.

They've got $60M+ tied up in 4 players for the next 4 years ($60.4M / $64.8M / $65.7M / $72.7M): DWill (28), JJ (29), Wallace (30) and Lopez (24) (plus Humphries at $12M more for the next 2 years). They won't be signing anybody new and won't be S&T'ing for any big players, unless one of these 5 players is going the other way... and good luck finding a taker for Humphries or Lopez!
Oh I really hope this does blow up in their faces and also think this season they will under acheive, but my understanding was that as long as they are willing to keep paying luxury taxes they can continue to sign free agents as they please since there is no hard cap in place.