Toronto vs Indiana

Facts you need to know

Danny Granger out with left knee soreness. He is seeking a second opinion on it which means the first opinion was something he didn't want to hear (I see microfracture on the horizon)

George Hill is probably going to play but I qoute
"You're never going to feel like yourself the first day back, but I feel a lot better being out there than sitting down," he said. "

Facts you don't need to know

I am slightly lactose intolerant. If I ever feel backed up, a milkshake from Fran's will more or less "Release The Kraken!" <--- yell that next time you are in a public washroom stall

back to the game at hand

This will still be a tough game as George, West and Hibbert are no joke.


Toronto Raptors win 96 - 92 behind a strong opening night crowd