So by now, the Lakers have lost like their last 10 games (including pre-season). Is it too early to say that the Lakers are gonna be a bust this year? Probably, but it's pretty evident that the Lakers have some major issues they have to fix before they can even get to talk about winning the championship this year. Nash just got injured tonight's game against the Trailblazers (Maybe a good thing Nash didn't join us?). Their bench has been absolute atrocious. They have absolutely no players on the bench that can give them a consistent offensive effort. The closest person who has done anything off the bench well would be Jamison, Blake, and Hill and even those two didn't play well offensively on a consistent basis. No one seems to be caring about defense whatsoever. It also doesn't help that Mike Brown isn't doing much to solve these issues. So are the Lakers the new Knicks? All hype, but not much to back it up? Right now, I'm not impressed by the Lakers. I think they will make playoffs, but I don't think they'll make it to the NBA Finals, unless they resolve these issues ASAP!