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most NBA players at the 2 or 3 are better defenders and rebounders then DD so what's your point?!

Drummond is a project yes but so is Ross and right now I rather take the rookie who is build like a tank then the twinner rookie who can't drive to the basket or aim at the net.
That's exactly my point, anyone is better!!! And it sure doesn't cost $40 Mil! Look, if they did snag Drummond, then this signing may make sense. But with Ross, he will rot in the pine for the next 4 years to justify this joke of a contract for DD. I'm not disagreeing with you, I just think this kind of money thrown at someone like DD is ludicrous!!!

What really gets me is, he's not even a "Casey" type player. Now, DC will not have a choice but to play him more now. If people thought that the Landry contract was bad, this I think is twice as bad.