I think you should add a poll to this. It would really help illustrate what RR thinks of the contract. Personally, I don't hate the contract we gave him since that's the price the NBA market for him at the moment. Do I think we're overpaying him? Yea, maybe a bit. Does it hurt our financial flexibility? Not really. People are sorta blowing this out of proportion a bit mainly because DD under-performed last season and many people are starting to have doubts about the potential he has. Can't really say I blame them since he didn't live up to expectations in his 3rd year, but (I might be a fool for saying this) I believe in Derozan keeping up with expectations this year. He's a good kid who can seriously play and has a great work ethic. Hopefully, he'll eventually live up to his contract value and we could then view his contract as a bargain.