Refs were not our problem last night. At all. That replayed call - even as a homer was a 50/50 call .. could have gone either way. Same with the West / AB push off. What you have to take into account is that AB was getting schooled by West the last 5 or 6 possessions. As a result, when you see AB fall, as a ref, you are likely thinking hes trying to bail himself out cause he cant stop this guy (which was the case at the time) ... as a result, West gets the benefit of the doubt.

To be clear our issues last night were
- Crunch time execution
- Having 5 bench players on in the fourth who cant score and letting our 10+ point lead evaporate before finally getting at least Lowry back in
- AB's inability to stop West / our coaches inability to switch someone else, double team or do something else

- a couple of close calls (distant from the above in terms of importance)