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The raptors blew the game with bad subbing and not hitting shots. This was there game for the taking. The play that bothers me is that out of bounds call with 20 seconds to go. The refs spent over a minute after the play to say it was pacers ball. Then they go look at the replay and say they don't have enough evidence to over turn the play. THe refs didn't see the who knocked the ball out so how could they ever said it was indiana ball? This should have been a jump ball play between the centres. This call was a game changer and because the refs obviously didn't see who knocked the ball out they should not be able to say it was pacers ball before the review.
The review didn't show 100% evidence of who knocked the ball out of bounds but physics would say that based on how gerald greens hand was moving and how the ball was knocked out of bounds that gerald green knocked the ball out of bounds. The NBA needs to get there act together on these type of plays and stop allowing biased refering effect the outcome of the game.
See, that's what I thought too. That if it was 100% inconclusive, then a jump ball is in order. Why say Pacers. That's what bothered me. Not cool!