When Lowry steps on the floor, any five-man unit he runs instantly becomes tougher. His willingness to accept any kind of task and love for contact is contagious. How often does a stocky 6-foot point guard average 4.6 rebounds a game? While not as versatile as most glue guys, Lowry's bruising playing style should set the tone for a group in Toronto that has a rep for being a bit soft.

Lowry's fullback-like physique allows him to barrel down the lane without regard. Much like Rondo, Lowry spends a lot of time picking himself up off the floor, which draws effusive praise from his coaches and teammates. Lowry's one of the best at drawing charges, particularly on the break. His disregard for his own body as he sets up to allow much bigger offensive players to crash into him underscores his commitment to the team. As the Raptors search for a new identity, Lowry's toughness should be a great starting point for them to latch on to.

Best glue quality: Toughness
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Completely agree. His mentality, hustle and swagger is already rubbing off on the rest of the team.