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    Simple trade

    Calderon + for D.Ebanks + S.Blake (waived)

    Ed Davis + Kleiza for W.Johnson + K.Marshall

    Raps Lineups

    Why Raps: We get D.Ebanks (a great defender and young prospect, could be poor man Luol Deng, great athlete in the making, could potentially start for the team if Fields doesn't improve). We cut Fields while Davis + Kleiza can fetch us W.Johnson who could start for the team at the SF position. K.Marshall is a good PG prospect, could be our future backup (poor man Jose Calderon)

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    I think the first trade is dumb from a raptors perspective and the 2nd is unrealistic. It seems like people are throwing trade ideas for Calderon around, just for the sake of trading Calderon.

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    When you waive a player and no team picks him up, he still counts towards your cap. You are essentially trading Jose for Ebanks and $4M in wasted cap space for next season..... no.

    Davis and Kleiza for Marshall and Wes Johnson? This makes little sense. Davis should have more value than Marshall. Johnson didn't even get the final year of his contract picked up by Phoenix. If the Raps really want Johnson, why not just sign him in the summer? Only way Kleiza for Johnson makes sense is if the Raps want rid of Kleiza and feel he would pick up his option next year as Johnson is now an expiring contract. Kleiza for Johnson? Sure. Your trade? No.

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    Quote Matt52 wrote: View Post
    ...Your trade? No.
    This kind of sums up tenfor's trade ideas, doesn't it?

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