Trying to find Calderon minutes in order to keep his numbers up for trade value is a risky GAMBIT.

He looked terrible last night as he was at the helm of a very flaccid predictable offense that frittered away a 10 point lead.

he is taking minutes from Tross' Development and a much speedier and more potent JL3.

DROSS is better all around at the 2 than Calderon
JL3 is better at the 1 than Calderon ------- so WTF???

Calderon had a decent preseason but he was right back on form last night getting owned by 2nd stringer
CJ Watson who was 6-9 - 15pts (+5)
Calderon 1-5 2pts 21 mins (-7)

Two reasons why I am sick of watching Calderon
1) he can't go get his own shot
2) he can't defend the point of attack

I think BC is mandating that DC give Calderon run. At some point in the season BC will have to come to his senses and realize that Caldone could be the final nail in his coffin.

If this team does not improve and develop BOTH rookies his ass is gone - and that can't happen until they sit Calderon down next to LK at the end of the bench.