I understand that Toronto people may connect more with a guy from Lithuania because he sweeps snow off his car a few months out of the year just like the rest of us.

However - why does he get so much more LOVE from the media and the organization than TROSS?

Colangelo and Stephaniski still bummed the league F*'ed them out of Harrison Barnes?

JV plays ahead of Legit NBA big men:

Tross plays behind:
Allan Anderson (career D leaguer )
Calderon (out of position)
Landry Kopono

I saw TROSS in vegas this summer live he is electric - a wonderful athlete brimming with potential. He is already a better shooter than Derozen and is a tenacious defender.

Why are they forcing the development of one rookie and inhibiting the development of another?

seriously anyone? because to me it seems like total favoritism and stupidity