Maybe this is just an add on to the mediocrity thread...

I like Demar. He seems like a great kid.

But he has been getting starters minutes on a terrible team for 3 years, and has not been an efficient scorer. His game has limitations which he may or may not overcome, and Colangelo just handed him a contract that he didnt need to at this time, which few other teams were likely to offer him.

For some time it has appeared to me that BC is trying to get us back into the playoffs at any cost, to secure himself a long term extension. Competing for a championship with this group seems very unlikely.

This summer Colangelo's first priority was to try to sign Steve Nash, who has probably got 2 - 3 good years left in the league.

With Demar, with Amir, Kleiza, and Fields the Raptors offered more money and more years than these players were likely to get elsewhere, in the hope that these players would develop into something more than they have showed in their respective careers so far.

Championship teams are not built on hope, on potential, or because their players are good guys. They are built around a core of elite players, with affordable role players, who are allowed to walk when their price becomes too high. Ultimately the Bulls needed MJ and Pippen, they didn't need Horace Grant.

Does anyone around here honestly believe that the Raptors with this core, will be any better than Atlanta has been this past few years? Unless Jonas grows into a top 20 player in this league I do not see it happening.

Credit Danny Ferry (gulp) with shedding the Joe Johnson contract this year because he seemed to realize that with that group, they still didnt have a chance in hell of beating the Heat in a 7 game series. He probably thinks they will have a better chance in the long run if they sign Howard or CP3 this coming off season. I doubt he signs either one, but at least he recognized that his club had hit their ceiling, and it wasnt good enough.

Starting next year we will be paying Joe Johnson money for Bargnani / DeRozan combined. And after 2 games (lol) it seems like Lowry will be in line for a max extension with this club, with this gm, compared to what the other players on the team will be earning.

So the starting 5 of our future is Lowry, DeRozan, Fields, Bargnani, and JV ? Do you guys see us hoisting any banners in the next few years? I don't.

I am kind of hoping this team shits the bed so Colangelo gets fired and we end up coughing up a late lottery pick this season to OKC for the Lowry deal. At this point I do not see Colangelo taking us to the promised land. I would like to see MLSE request from Denver to negotiate a deal with Masai Ujiri. Offer him the role of team President, I like what he has done in Denver.

I do want to mention that I am a Leafs fan, and my attitude towards Burke is quite similar. But last year, when the team started out well, I was just happy they were winning so I quit complaining and cheered with everybody else. But when the team completely colapsed and the season fell apart due to the same problems that had plagued the roster for several years I was not the least bit surprised. I am sick of feeling like this with Toronto sports teams. I would gladly root for a team with potential if it seemed like they were building toward something great. But with this Raptors squad, with this GM, I just don't see it.

I hope I am wrong. We'll see.