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And DD is basically the same as those other two (DD - 6'7, 216 lbs, Fields 6'7 215), so put DD on the bigger guy .. whats wrong with that?

People get all caught up in SG/SF - they are basically the same position. The key is to have guys that counter balance each other - and Fields and DD dont, cause neither can shoot. This is a HUGE problem.

Its at least encouraging to hear you two suggest your logic, cause maybe it gives a bit of a glimspe into wtf Casey is thinking.

Ross is a stud, who you just spent your #8 pick on in a loaded draft (ahead of Drummond and others). AA is a d-leaguer and LF was NYK's 8th man. If you want this team to go anywhere .. play Ross.
Yeah sure, move DD over there to deal with the Wallaces and Melos of the league. He's finally beefed up enough to be assertive enough in creating an advantage in size and strength against most SGs, and you suggest move him over to guard and be guarded by players bigger ans stronger than him,,,,,, because it's important to not delay Ross getting time in a couple of games?

It's 2 effen games! I think I'll put a little more faith in Casey's judgement of when to give Ross minutes at this point in his career, over anyone here. He's not a beast a la Lebron, Dwight, etc. He's a skinny college kid who just may need a little more tutoring, beyond 2 games into a 82 games season, before Casey feels he should send him out there against players like Joe Johnson, Wallace, Paul George, etc.. Krist, take a pill, his chance will come. Shyt, for example, do you know what Kobe's minutes were in his first 10 games in the league? 6,3,7,17,8,5,6,7,14,8. That's Kobe for gawd sakes! By the end of the year, his average was 15 minutes. T Ross's time will come. Senseless to be demanding he get thrown out there more, two effen games in!
Sorry if that response is a little too aggressive, but the volume of angst over two close games vs highly regarded teams, is beyond comprehension to me. Remember, these games are also the first two games that Casey and the coaching staff have to work with this new collection, in real games, yet despite the inexperience, a minor tweek here and there and they're 2-0.

The #8 pick is not wasted after 2 effen games.