It's two games, 3 new starters, 8 New players, a new focus on offense, against a seasoned team that many expect to be 2nd or 3rd this season (Indiana) and a team that is assembled with two all stars in the back court and that is also expected to finish somewhere between 2nd and 4th. WE WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO WIN THESE sensible objective person in any sports betting arena would have money on the Raptors winning that game.

"This lineup isn't working" - Maybe, maybe not. Please say this after a concrete 15 - 20 game sample size.

"Fire Colangelo" - really already getting these threads two games in? You try and be a GM of a team in Toronto when there are 5 state tax exempt teams (San Antonio, Miami, Orlando, Houston, and Dallas) 4 big city markets with huge sponsorship potential Nets, Knicks, Lakers, Clippers. Every single free agent with a choice and worth a decent pay check is going to to go to those teams. How the hell do you expect any GM who essentially starts with his foot 1/3 in the hole to do? Has been bang on in everything he does...hell no. Has made decisions I thought were terrible at the time that turned out to be right? Several times, (Bargs contract, drafting JV etc.)

If we are going to build a successful team it is going to be in the mold of teams like Indiana, Utah, Detroit. Even though we are a larger market that is the formula we will have to follow.

Remember a season of between 37 - 45 wins with us keeping the majority of the losses close until the final minutes, is a success compared to where we have been. 8th seed is a nice goal, but it won't be a failure if we don't get there.