Obviously this is early, but maybe down the road, it'd be good to re-open and re-evaluate.

Now, I brought this topic up with the guys during the game chat, and I asked, is Derozan/Lowry a top 10 back-court?

IF Yes, what are the 9 better back-courts, and if No, where do you rate it?

My Top 10:

1. LeBron James/Dwayne Wade
2. Deron Williams/Joe Johnson
3. Steve Nash/Kobe Bryant
4. Chris Paul/Chauncey Billups
5. Rajon Rondo/Courtney Lee
6. Russel Westbrook/Thabo Sefolosha
7. Brandon Jennings/Monte Ellis
8. Ty Lawson/Andre Iguodala
9. Tony Parker/Manu Ginobili
10. Kyle Lowry/Demar Derozan