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The backcourt consists of two people. I don't understand what your point is. Houston added Harden, just like Denver added Iggy. Would Ty/Afflalo have made the list?
Lin/Harden - Not making it.
Lawson/Afflalo - Not making it.

Reason? Because Lawson is a good point guard, while the other in Afflalo is a HUGE drop-off.

That's a reason why I didn't include Lin/Harden. Lin is an overrated guard. Solid starter AT best. Both guys need to hold their own.
If people will hate on me for including OKC & Boston back-court, it's because the talent of one of their guys makes up for the entire back-court. Westbrook and Rondo are top 5 point guards in the league. It's obvious that Westbrook/Rondo > Lawson/Lin.

And to the constant questions of "Isn't Chalmers and Wade the back-court?" Yes, technically speaking, but I included LeBron as the guard for he initiates the offense. Technically, the back-court is made up of the point guard and shooting guard, but that back-court is just based on how I think. Hopefully that answers things, and remember, this is all just MY opinion. I'm asking others for their opinions.