Roy took a liking to Ross quickly.

“When I first got to see him, I thought he was a really good player, I didn’t know how long he would stay in college, he had that kind of (quality) game,” he said.

Roy’s instincts proved correct when Ross left the Huskies after two seasons and became the eighth pick of the 2012 NBA Draft. Roy stayed four years at Washington and went on to become rookie of the year in the NBA. That won’t happen for Ross, but Roy says he shouldn’t worry about it

“(I’ll) tell him don’t pay attention to not playing much now, you’ll have a long career and once he figures it out, he’s going to be a very talented player.”

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It's pretty surprising how a former 3-time All-Star in Roy would be such a fan of Ross. I really hope Ross has as good of a career as Roy hopes he has...