I know the large number of fans here at the Republic would want management to target Rudy Gay over Josh Smith in a trade, but here me out. The addition of Gay would make us a better team on the offensive end of the floor, as he is an uber good scoring SF, however the addition of J-Smoove will make the Raptors a top 4 or 5 defensive team whose defense could rival that of Chicago, Boston, Indiana and San Antonio. As well, Smith is no slouch when it comes to putting the ball in the hoop. The idea of him paired next to JV is something I find really interesting. Blocked shots, rebounding, weak side help and a crap load of alley oops.

I realize a lot of this would come down to whom we would give up and because I think Smith is best served as a power forward I think Andrea would be the centre peice heading to Atlanta. Coincidentally, Atlanta is one of the few destinations where I think that AB could go to which has an excellent defensive minded big to counter his poor rebounding and lack of weak side help.

My thinking behind going the defensive route (Smith), as opposed to the offensive route (Gay), is that in the playoffs when things slow down and defense becomes critical, Smith in my mind is the more valuable player.