Wow, ESPN and Bleacher Report (not saying they're good) just ranked us in the 20s. I am amazed. I have to ask, we're they even watching the games. Because even tho were 1-2, we coulda been just as easily 3-0. I'm not saying that we are title contenders, but it seems like other than Raptors fans, everybody is biased. They are seriously gonna be surprised if Bargs gets it going. The way I see it, is we have a top 15, arguably top 10 backcourt, if they stay this way.
And a rookie who may struggle this year but will be a BIG difference maker during the season.

All we need is a shooter on the wing. Not playing down on Fields' abilities, but he just doesn't fit. Whether we're getting JJ Redick or J-Rich, we need to upgrade the wing, and I think we'll be good. We may think we are stuck in mediocrity, or even lower, but we have a lot of upside. I think BC has done a very good job, he may have struck out early but it seems he's on the verge of hitting a home run.

We're close, everyone knows it, but can't grasp. It is an amazing feeling

We're almost there.