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Thread: Vince carter: "i love toronto to this day"

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    Default Vince carter: "i love toronto to this day"

    WOW. Really TERRIFIC interview ^ conducted by Tim & Sid with VC.

    It's almost seething (his regret of leaving TDot) now that VC openly & candidly reflects about his long NBA career, how much his days in Toronto meant to him and how (if he could magically turn back the hands of time) obvious it is that if he could do it over again, he'd most likely do it different. It's not like you can change the past, and even though he won't admit it word for word (likely because of ego) it's so damn obvious that he wishes he never left, now that he can look back and see how it all played out for him. "My career highs all come in that uniform... nothing can replace that..."

    Classic sports tragedy. I guess this was the case of the anti-legend, the antithesis of Kobe and LeBron and all of the other all-time greats who had the character to figure out how to accentuate & sustain their success by building on their previous failures. I still remember watching that game against the Sixers where we were a shot away from the Eastern Conference Finals.

    It'll always remain, both in our minds and his, a story of what could have been... its sad to say this guy was the best player in franchise history, but thus far, it's the hard truth.
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