Toronto trade Bargs + Ed Davis + Calderon
Orlando trade Glenn Davis + M.Harkless + A.Nicholson

Toronto trade Kleiza
Milwaukee trade Beno Udrih

Raps Lineups

I like Glenn Davis game, he is the next coming of a PF, undersized 4 but with great hustle, although i question his health issue, if he doesn't pan out, we can still develop Nicholson. Harkless is our future 3 if being coached right, possibly a Paul George 2.0 in the making. While Kleiza can fetch us a 3rd stringer PG in Udrih. Bargs will provide the Magic with at least something to watch for beside Bargs nickname is "Il Mago" the Magician, he would do well as a Magic while Caldy can backup Jameer while Ed Davis can start at the PF.