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Thread: SAM MITCHELL: "Vince Carter didn't want to get traded (the day before he was dealt)"

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    Default SAM MITCHELL: "Vince Carter didn't want to get traded (the day before he was dealt)"

    So the saga continues ^ mannn Tim & Sid are pulling some remarkable quotes out of VC and Sam Mitchell about what ACTUALLY went down the year VC got traded. According to Mitchell, Rob Babcock traded VC even though there was room for reconciliation. Carter went as far as telling Mitchell, "I want to stay here, I see what you're building, and I like it." THE DAY BEFORE HE WAS TRADED!!! Mitchell says "I told Rob Babcok, but he said he had a deal on the table... (in retrospect) I should have went straight to Larry Tanenbaum and I should have implored Vince to speak with Larry Tanenbaum as well..."


    Mitchell: "I just think what happened with Vince, like a lot of guys, his feelings got hurt... and I think at the end of the day, if we could have got in a room, and apologies would have been extended to Vince, I think all of this, we could have got past."

    Are you FREAKING kidding me ROB friggen Babcock! How is story just being told NOW?!!!!


    Mitchell (on what would have happened if he wasn't traded): "Think about this... with Chris Bosh turning into what he turned into, Vince Carter still at the top of his game, we add another piece or two, we could have still been playing. Think about how good we would have been, we would have had one of the best power forwards, one of the best 2-guards, so we would have had two legit-superstars on our team. We may not have won a championship, but we might, could have got to a Finals."

    Wow. Man, every Raptors fan should listen to this interview. Such crazy mismanagement by Rob Babcock. Even if Vince had half a foot out the door, something could have been done to fix things if it was handled right. Mitchell definitely believes that.

    CONFIRMATION FROM ROB BABCOCK ^ regarding Mitchell's statements.
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