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But what if you can improve upon what is not broken?

Kleiza, in my opinion, is an upgrade over Anderson. Period.
AA is a great story, and solid role player; but if he is our Best Substitute, and thus our 6th man, and is shooting 31% from 3, and has barely registered a stat besides points in the last two games, it leads to me think that just because it may not be broken, doesn't mean it can't use a little grease.
That's the gamble you take then. I'm just not sold on Linas period. Injuries aside, he too has been a disappointment since coming to Toronto. He's not the same player then when he plays for Lithuanian. Like I said on Twitter this morning, it has to be a confidence thing. When he knows he's the best on his team (ala national team) he plays like the best. Here in the Toronto, its a different story. Frustrating that he can't be more consistent.