I know I'll probably get ripped by people saying it's irrelevant and contracts do matter, but I was wondering how our starting lineup would differ if all the players' contract were identical. Would Fields still start over Anderson and/or Ross? Would Bargnani start over Amir and/or Davis?

I think our starters would be:

With Bargnani, Calderon, Fields, Ross and Davis off the bench.

Honestly, I think this is a question worth asking. Why start an inferior line up simply because you're spending more on them? (For the record, I know Lowry makes less than Jose to start)
Look at the Spurs, two of their biggest contracts come off the bench. I think Bargnani could be a valuable weapon off the bench in the same way Ginobili is (to a lesser extent).

Maybe not time to make changes yet, but at the rate things are going, that time may not be far away.