Caught a few Kings games and I gotta say, they are a really interesting team. They play very active defence and in general are extremely active and athletic. Cousins is one of the most intriguing players I have ever seen. He is so big and strong and physically gifted, and yet his face...he's just scary. He always has this petulant look like a 5 year old. Something about him just fascinates me, he really just seem like a 13 year old kid trapped in this huge mans body. So far he's reminding me of Derrick Coleman - beyond talented with all the tools to be top 3 big man in the league, but unsure where that will head in the end.

Evans hasn't looked like much at all averaging 11 pts on 36% shooting - and many, many bad shots. Marcus Thornton, though, makes up for it, looking really good.

They've got Aaron Brooks and Isiah Thomas at point guard, so you get your fill of that crazy tiny quick type point guard. All in all, really fun team to watch, I recommend ppl try to catch their games.

Oh, and last night there were two hillarious plays - Duncan had been owning Cuz all night and near the end Cuz decided to just drop his shoulder and level Duncan to the floor. The funny thing was, they didn't call a foul. Everyone literally stopped playing and the announcer says "Cousins with the offencive foul" and then...nothing, no whistle. The announcers (Kings announcers) started laughing and saying how on earth do you miss that etc...

Then the next time Cousins gets the ball he does the exact same thing, just plows into Duncan and again no call. The Kings announcers were just loosing their minds even though it was their team. It was pretty funny and sort of calls into question how they can fine players for flopping when they don't call the most blatant, picture perfect textbook charge possible in the game. It was like a football hit and Duncan was completely levelled.