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Thread: Was 2011-12 all for naught?

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    Default Was 2011-12 all for naught?

    A lot of optimism was created with the change in style of play and commitment to defense instilled by Dwane Casey last year. Unfortunately this season, the culture change seems to have been forgotten and the Raps are right back to the same door mat ways of the last 5 years..... sadly.

    Everyone is well aware the season is only 6 games in however there are some startling trends early.


    opp ppg: 105.4 (26th in league)
    defensive rating: 112.7 (30th)
    pace: 93.0 (10th)
    opp fg%: 48.2% (29th)
    opp true shooting%: 56.6% (29th)
    defensive rebound rate: 71.98 (25th)
    opp points in the paint: 42.8 (30th)


    opp ppg: 94.0 (9th in league)
    defensive rating: 104.5 (14th in league)
    pace: 89.3 (25th in league)
    opp fg%: 43.5% (tied for 6th)
    opp true shooting%: 52.4% (11th)
    defensive rebound rate: 75.4 (3rd)
    opp points in the paint: 37.6 (17th)


    opp ppg: 98.8 (22nd)
    defensive rating: 106 (25th)
    pace: 93.3 (13th)
    opp fg%: 46.5% (24th)
    opp true shooting%: 55.8% (26th)
    defensive rebound rate: 73.6 (17th)
    opp points in the paint: 40.2 (21st)

    Clearly the culture change has been forgotten. Excuses of new players, new starters, lack of chemistry, time needed, blah blah blah, etc. are, quite frankly, WEAK. Last year was a strike shortened season with numerous new players and a new coach yet they managed to deliver.

    The statistic that stands out for me is the opponent field goal percentage. Last season 9 of the top 10 teams in this stat were playoff teams - the exception of course was Toronto.

    The last few days I've been avoiding this site because it is too negative for me. While this thread is certainly negative in nature, I hope it is at least constructive.

    I hope Casey quickly remembers what made last year successful in spite of a 23 and 43 record. It is time to remove the new found emphasis of scoring more points than the opponent and go back to focusing on giving up less points than the opponent.

    Just my 2 cents. I am beyond frustrated and disappointed in the season thus far. I know, I know, it is only 6 games but is a disturbing 6 games.
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