So here we go again. Lots of talks around Raptors Republic about Barg, Casey, BC, DD, Fields, Ross, and everyone else on the team. Every year we have new players come in and every year we keep hearing, be patient, things will change. Let's be happy because at least we are going to be in the lottery. But what good is being in the lottery if the guy that has been making the picks remains the same guy. I mean, other than Jose, players still on the team has been chosen by BC. We won the conference once because we still had left over players from the GM before BC came here.

I got my girlfriend involved in watching the Raps when Moon, Parker, Bosh, were here. Even though we were losing games, she enjoyed watching because she said "At lest they can't get any worse!" She stopped watching games with me because I would yell at the TV because of either the Refs, or the coaches but mostly because of dumb plays by players. Now she say "Wow, why can't the raps play like such and such team. Those guys are working so hard. Even when they are losing they still work hard." When the raps are winning she would say, "They'll find a way to lose this game" Mostly she was right. So instead of looking for another team to cheer for, she just decided to stop watching all together out of respect to me! lol

Most teams in the us would not attend a game because the team sucks. Not Canadian teams. The Blue, Raptors, the sole Canadian teams in a US dominant sport gets a steady turn out. Not because of their teams winning, but because they feel that they need to support their Canadian team no matter what.

It has come to the point where I believe that Fans need to start demanding better quality products. Just like we would in a restaurant or any other service industry. If you don't like the product of a restaurant or store, we just don't go there anymore or demand our money back.

Let's demand better product from MLSE and everyone else involved.

Come on Canadians, let us toughen up when it comes to our sports products!
PEACE (P)eople (E)verywhere (A)re (C)reated (E)qually! Peace, a word to live by!