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    Allow me to add a few to the cylce:
    7. Have your "best" players get injured a the worst possible times...then hype up replacement scrubs to superstar status
    8. Keep telling media/fans you're just about to "turn the corner" when said "corner" is a trillion eons away
    9. Offer $10 seats after Valentines Day to keep a few warm bodies in the ACC
    10. Base contracts/signings/draft picks 100% on expectations/hopes/dreams vs on @#*ing R-E-A-L-I-T-Y

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    Quote Letter N wrote: View Post
    During the off-season: Everyone here was so much more optimistic than me.

    During the actual season: Everyone here is so much more pessimistic than me

    It's funny to see
    Many of the reasons for optimism appear to be gone -- at least in my opinion.

    Bargnani is who is he.

    Financial flexibility has been tossed aside with an extension to DeRozan that was not only generous but unnecessary given the leverage of RFA.

    The culture change of last year appears to be one of those great fads that disappear too soon - kind of like Chip&Pepper shirts.

    Fields has been a bust.... the only hope here is his hand really is messed and he'll come back much better.... not implying Fields was going to be a star but I thought he'd at least be able to make a layup.

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    Default Hope

    This Raptor organization reminds me of the OBAMA HOPE.

    In the begining there is soo much hope...but the result is the same.

    New faces, new mgmt, new directions...same result...4-5 yr

    It's just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up.

    Muhammad Ali

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