A 1-5 record, new acquisitions hardly living up to expectations, injuries to key players and to add to this , all of last years effort seeming a waste are normally reasons for hopelessness. pessimism, discouragement and so on. Normally. It's time for extra-normalcy folks. To think negatively when things are not looking good is normal. To think positively in bad times, is what we could call extra-normal. I'm sure the Raps. brass and coaching staff are trying not to give in to adversity. Lets stay behind them and share their positivity.

In my opinion Jonas V can be the saving factor. I think he has the ability to be a Franchise player. Coach Casey IMO should make things go through him. Especially offensively. Make him the "go-to guy" and see what happens. Draw plays for him. He has the size, agility and talent to be a threat. If his production goes up significantly, complementary pieces are there for sure. In-fact it's what our roster is made up of.

Over to you guys.