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Toronto's ft discrepency is easily explained

They give up alot of FTs because they have little rim protection. As a result Casey tries to pack the paint which means when someone does attempt to penetrate or post up you get a hand reaching in or a body moving a split second too late. Its a simple matter of phsics. Too much moving 'stuff' (hands, arms, bodies, legs) in a small space.

They don't get to the free throw line because two of their highest usage players, Andrea and Demar, are still trying to avoid contact. The players in the NBA who get to the line consistently both initiate and invite contact. They don't double clutch once in the air, they don't try to euro step around players, they don't try to turn everything into a reverse lay up. Towards the rim, while going over, into or through the defense gets you to the line. As long as they don't reach the other extreme, looking like a drunken running back trying to bust through a goal line stand, they will shoot more free throws.
have you been watching demar lately? "Towards the rim" is like whats tattooed behind his eye lids. He gets pummeled by two defenders who are on the move, and the no-calls continue to pile up. There was one game where DD deserved 10 fta... and had 4.

Its also not like we've been exerting unequal forces here. literally on man-to-man, JV gets called for holding his ground and absorbing the dug shoulder of the offensive player. Its an instant whistle for random touch fouls like those.