Dearest Raptors

I /my keyboard/my girlfriend/room mate/neighbors/wall/desk/lamp #364 cannot handle another season of this. Raptors. I've been a fan since Isiah Thomas ran through the banner and Zan Tabak was patrolling the paint like a boss. I'm tired of pouring out my heart, watching every game in some what shitty quality on streaming websites because I can't afford god damn league pass (which blacks out the god damn games anyway). It looks like some interesting things may happen this season, but I for one will not watch you fumble in the dark anymore. Once I complete my anger management training, and you are playing close to 500 basketball please call me. Otherwise, my heart can not take anymore. Please believe me when I say it's me not you...I can't stand watching you blow game after game like a Kardashian in an locker room.