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This is the problem.

Contrast with Millsap's 34 points on 16 (16!!!!!) shots.

Now that is not normal but on the season Bargnani takes 16.1 shots to get 17.4 points. Then you have all the 'extras' he does not do.

Millsap gets 15.6 points on 11.1 shots but he does give you all the extras along with the deep threat and ability to drive on opposing bigs.

If Bargnani was super efficient, there would be little issue - at least for me. But, alas, he is not.
Matt I do agree the 41% isn't efficient enough. But how many wide open looks is he missing that he normally knock down. His FG% will come up as the season progresses. Posting it was more so to suggest he's not playing as poorly as it's being made out to be.

Yes Millsap was off the charts efficient last night camping out the 3 point arc for wide open 3 after wide open 3. He was able to catch passes after Mo Williams broke down Jose and McGuire and Kleiza came to help. Did you also notice that Dre and Millsap were neck n neck when guarding each other points/rebound wise. When was Millsaps emergence in the game? It was when Dre was switched to Favors who was as useless as Andrea in the 3 OT's. All I'm saying is his play isn't nearly as bad as it's being made out to be so ppl gotta cool it with the negativity or at least watch the game before talking nonsense.

For me it's the PG (with Lowry out) and SF position that are the teams weaknesses.