Gather 'round the fire kids and think of Raptors lore. Has there ever been a more improbable Raptors loss than last night? They have blown huge leads (Dallas comes to mind...and Dallas) but every team has done that. VC had some soul sucking last minute shots against us but he's done that before. Rasul's five second call? Well, that was an odd one. But last night, certain victory was wrestled away by a three point shot from someone who is not just 1 for this year. He has hit one other 3 point shot in his entire nine year career! And on top of that...the ball rolled and rolled around that rim and even popped out. There was a probably 270 degrees of room for it to bounce out to the floor but it happens to bounce out right at the back board and drop back in. This one was unique. Al Jefferson with a 3 to tie the game. This has never happened before. Unless his one other successful three point shot was at the end of a game. Which it probably was. Probably against us.