Tor: Smith, Harris
Atl: Gasol
LA: Bargnani, Calderon

There have now been several threads involving trading Bargnani and Calderon and a quite a few people want Smith.

People have recently been talking about La with D'antoni and wondering if he would prefer a true stretch 4.
I can only think of 3 in the league: Bargnani, Ryan Anderson and dirk.
Obviously Dirk will not be traded, and very doubtful Orlando will trade there last good player to LA, which leaves us with the winner!!

Calderon would fit as a back-up to Nash (although an expensive one) but his contract is up after this year, giving them a bit more flexibility.

The only problem is with Atlanta, seeing as no one really knows what there doing.
Imo, Smith will not resign there unless they make major moves during the season. If they can get Gasol for them, would they? I dont see why not. They limit the flexibility for one year, but still have tons of money to spend. If they can attract a free agent to pair with Horford and Gasol, they could become pretty solid team again.

Obviosuly we get the prize in Smith, and swap PG's from Calderon to Harris. Hopefully a change of scenery will help him, if not hes a one year back up for Lowry.